News and Reviews for Type 2 Diabetes

How do you best manage your diabetes? There is no one answer that works for everyone, but keeping up with current news and reviews as it pertains to your health can go a long way toward helping you manage. There is no one consensus of opinion and research is changing thoughts on this nearly daily. Here we will provide up to date information as well as product reviews that are specific to the type 2 diabetes community.

Black Mary Jane Diabetic shoes on gray background

Diabetic Shoes for Women

It seems that no matter what else you were told about diabetes, somewhere along the line, doctors and other medical professionals have warned you about the many potential complications. They told you about things like blindness, possible amputations, slow healing, foot ulcers, kidney damage, heart disease, and stroke. And they probably mentioned that you should …

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eating to your meter

Eat to Your Meter

When you first received your diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, I would venture to guess that no one told you to “eat to your meter.” It is much more likely that you were given a brief overview of scary complications, told to lose weight, and maybe shown how to use a blood glucose meter. You …

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