Random Musings on Life with T2

What is daily life with type 2 diabetes like? Read random musings on life with T2 –  stories, thoughts, and inspirations from others who walk the path with you. We are all different, walking the same path, yet with different concerns and life experiences. Sometimes it is just reassuring to realize how similar our stories can be and to find inspiration in the common experiences.

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Low Carb vs Keto Diet

Low carb and keto (or ketogenic) diets are currently in the news a lot and with good reason. One of the groups finding success with these diets is individuals who have struggled with their weight and other health issues for years. So how to they compare to one another? Here we will explore the low …

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Don’t Let Uncontrolled Diabetes Ruin Your Life

Living with uncontrolled diabetes is something no one should ever resign themselves to. Yes, diabetes is a chronic and currently incurable disease. However, with the right choices, it can be managed well. Learning all you can about this disease, and taking the steps necessary to manage it is very much in your control. It is your choice. …

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