**Disclaimer: This is not a medical website, nor does it claim to be. It is simply a personal blog about lifestyle choices written by someone who has been living with and managing Type 2 since 2015.

Hello & Welcome!

I’m Kim. I am the content creator behind the Little Daily Choices blog.

If you are looking for encouragement and practical ideas on adopting a low-carb or keto eating style, you have come to the right place.

When you make a choice to follow a low-carb or keto diet, no matter the reason, there can be frustrations and obstacles along the way. While these diets can be quite simple, there is a lot to learn to help you stay on track.

Here you will find:

  • Low-Carb and Keto friendly recipes
  • How to navigate your grocery shopping
  • Info on my favorite sugar-free yet flavorful beverage . . . Tea!
  • Helpful ideas for dealing with social eating situations
  • Product and service reviews
  • And more . . .

So glad to have you here!


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