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A diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes is definitely not something to be ignored, but it doesn’t have to control your life either. Long term complications are not inevitable, but personal ownership of your health is critical to increasing your odds of avoiding them.

Dealing with Type 2 Diabetes can be challenging at best. It is frustrating and confusing and unpredictable. With proper care and the right tools and attitude, it is very manageable.

Here I will share my personal perspective on how I successfully deal with it on a daily basis in hopes that it will encourage you on your journey, living your best life possible in spite of your diagnosis.

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Hello, I AM NOT . . .

. . . a Doctor, Dietician, Nutritionist, or any other medical professional.

I AM, however . . .

. . . an individual who lives with and manages this disease daily.


Dealing with the realities of daily living with type 2 diabetes.

Practical solutions to help keep your health management on track.

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Random Musings

A collection of random stories, thoughts, questions, frustrations, and inspirations about day-to-day life with type 2 diabetes.

Some days are more challenging than others, but we all have times when we feel the need to identify with others who have walked the same path. 

Low carb and keto friendly recipes, with an emphasis on real food,  to help keep you on track with managing your diabetes.

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meal plan and grocery list previews

We all know that it is easier to follow a specific diet when we have things planned out ahead of time.

Here we cover practical tips for menu planning, grocery shopping, food prep and sticking with your plan.

Product and book reviews as well as links to the latest research in the world of type 2 diabetes.

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