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I am so Glad to See You Here . . .

I’m Kim and I am a lifestyle-controlled Type 2 Diabetic.

My journey into this world began in 2015 when I was first diagnosed with an A1C in excess of 13. Since then, I have devoted countless hours to research and experimentation and now maintain a normal A1C.

LIttleDailyChoices.com has grown out of my desire to share what I have learned and to provide encouragement to others walking the same path.

I am NOT . . .

. . . a doctor, dietician, nutritionist, or any other medical professional.

I am, however . . .

. . . an individual who lives with and successfully manages this disease daily.


So glad to have you here!

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Living with T2

Dealing with the realities of daily living with type 2 diabetes.

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Low carb and keto-friendly recipes, with an emphasis on real food,  to help keep you on track with managing your diabetes.

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Random Musings

A collection of random stories, thoughts, questions, frustrations, and inspirations about day-to-day life with type 2 diabetes.

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Meal Planning

Practical tips for menu planning, grocery shopping, food prep, and sticking with your plan.

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Resources & Reviews

Product and book reviews as well as links to the latest research in the world of type 2 diabetes.


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