Keto On a Budget

Do you think Keto on a Budget is nearly impossible? When you think of going on a Keto or low-carb diet, do you automatically assume that your grocery budget will be expanding? No matter what preconceived ideas you have about the expense side of doing a Keto or low-carb diet may be, I am here …

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keto dutch baby with raspberries on plate

Keto Dutch Baby Recipe

Are you looking for something a bit different in the way of breakfast options? Are you getting tired of the “bacon and eggs” routine often the staple with a keto or low-carb lifestyle? This Keto Dutch Baby recipe is a welcome diversion in the boredom that often comes with Keto breakfast options. German Baked Pancakes …

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Low carb vs Keto header

Low Carb vs Keto Diet

Low carb and keto (or ketogenic) diets are currently in the news a lot and with good reason. One of the groups finding success with these diets is individuals who have struggled with their weight and other health issues for years. So how to they compare to one another? Here we will explore the low …

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Black Mary Jane Diabetic shoes on gray background

Diabetic Shoes for Women

It seems that no matter what else you were told about diabetes, somewhere along the line, doctors and other medical professionals have warned you about the many potential complications. They told you about things like blindness, possible amputations, slow healing, foot ulcers, kidney damage, heart disease, and stroke. And they probably mentioned that you should …

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low carb snacks header with celery plate

15 Best Low Carb Snacks

One of the more difficult adjustments when starting a low carb or keto lifestyle is finding low carb snacks. If you are accustomed to grabbing commercial granola bars, chips, and candy bars, these are not fit into your low carb lifestyle. So what to use instead?  It is probably best not to snack for most …

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uncontrolled diabetes header spelled in blocks

Don’t Let Uncontrolled Diabetes Ruin Your Life

Living with uncontrolled diabetes is something no one should ever resign themselves to. Yes, diabetes is a chronic and currently incurable disease. However, with the right choices, it can be managed well. Learning all you can about this disease, and taking the steps necessary to manage it is very much in your control. It is your choice. …

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eating to your meter

Eat to Your Meter

When you first received your diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, I would venture to guess that no one told you to “eat to your meter.” It is much more likely that you were given a brief overview of scary complications, told to lose weight, and maybe shown how to use a blood glucose meter. You …

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