Aldi Keto Shopping List

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Download and use our Aldi Keto Shopping list to help keep yourself on track with your Keto or low carb lifestyle. 

The printable list has the most common Keto or low carb grocery items that can be found at Aldi grocery stores as well as blank areas for you to customize your own list.

If you are not a current customer Aldi’s, it is worth checking out. They have many Keto and low-carb friendly items, and their prices are great on most items.

What to Expect if You are New to Aldi’s

Everything is “no-frills” and practical.

Groceries are displayed warehouse-style in open cartons. Sometimes they are in a bit of disarray if it is a particularly busy time.

You won’t recognize most brands as they have their brands in most categories. Do not let this concern you as their products are generally quite good. They have made commitments to less questionable ingredients in their products. Check out the Aldi website for information on their standards for ingredients. 

You will be packing your groceries. You can bring your bags, purchase assorted bags there, or use packing boxes when available.

There is a 25 cent deposit required on shopping carts, which is currently suspended due to the current pandemic.

Their checkout process is streamlined and straightforward.

Why Do I Like to Shop at Aldi’s for My Low Carb and Keto Groceries?

aldi keto shopping list downloadable pdf

They do carry many of the items that I use, and at a price that I can live with.

Their stores are pretty small. That makes it easy to get in and out without excessive temptation from items that aren’t on my food plan.

Aldi’s carries lots of specialty cheeses in small packages that make it easy to purchase a variety and try new things.

Start your grocery planning by downloading and printing our Aldi Keto Shopping List. It lists many of the keto-friendly items currently available. Their choices do change from time to time, but this list is a good start.

Do be aware that not all stores carry the same items. My local store is one of the smaller ones, and this list is representative of what they generally have on hand. Larger stores do have more options.

How Do I Grocery Shop for a Keto Diet?

Make a meal plan and list the groceries needed. When staying on a low carb or Keto diet, a plan is critical.

There are a few specialty items that Aldi doesn’t carry, especially specialty items for baking. I do, however, do about 75 – 80% of my shopping there. The remainder I fill in with our homegrown vegetables, meat from the local butcher shop, and online ordering.

What to Buy at Aldi?

Nuts and seeds
Aldi Simply Nature nuts on display in store

Aldi’s has a great supply of nuts and seeds at reasonable prices and in smaller containers than elsewhere. Do stick to the varieties that do not have added carbs Plain, unsalted, lightly salted, and roasted are the best choices. When in doubt, always check the label.


Most people find they use more eggs when following a keto or low carb diet. Eggs at Aldi’s are generally reasonable, though it does seem to fluctuate more than the other stores. Just in the past month, I have seen them at everything from $.48 to $1.68 per dozen. They do carry a free-range variety too if you prefer that option. 

Heavy Whipping Cream

Whipping cream is a staple of the low carb and keto lifestyles. It is always on my list and in my refrigerator as it has so many uses in a Keto or low carb diet.

Baking Staples

Real vanilla extract, spices, cocoa powder, and almond flour are essential items in the baking section. They carry the standard basics, including baking powder, baking soda, salt, etc. Seasonally they also stock dark baking chocolate and pumpkin puree.

You will also find a few options for sugar alternatives in this section.

Canned Goods

Aldi’s carries a general assortment of canned vegetables and fruit. Most of these items are not on a keto or low carb diet. 

I use their canned green beans in our Low Carb Green Bean Casserole. I also use their tomato sauce, tomato paste, and tomatoes with green chilies.


The produce section is my favorite section of the store (or maybe the cheese section?) They always have a good assortment. However, I do find going early on a day in the middle of the week yields the best selection. 

Sometimes you will need to change your plans slightly. They often have a few seasonal items and occasionally don’t have something I am looking for. They generally have the staples plus a few less common items. Once last year, they had fresh brussel sprouts – on the stalk as they would grow. I had never seen that anywhere before!

Their variety is pretty good, and they have organic selections too.

aldi produce section

For the size of their stores, they carry an unbelievably large variety of cheeses. Most are in small packages, so it is easier to have a variety.

You will not see 2-pound packages of cheddar here. What you will find is lots of 3 to 8-ounce packages of more specialty cheeses. The variety available changes from time to time, but I never have trouble finding an assortment that we like.

They also have several varieties of sliced cheese. Not processed American cheese, but real cheese cut into sandwich slices. These are very handy for meals or snacking when following a keto or low carb diet.


Chocolate is not on the Aldi Keto shopping list, but I will cover it here as it is one of my favorite treats.

Aldi’s has incredible chocolate! Eating lots of milk chocolate is certainly not on a low carb or keto diet. Still, an occasional piece of dark chocolate is fine for most people. Aldi has their brand of chocolate, Moser Roth, which has an 85% cocoa option. Their chocolate comes in a package of 5 individually wrapped bars for about $2. It is excellent and is not dry like many high cacao dark chocolates.

Including chocolate in your diet is a personal choice. I do in minimal amounts. Just a bite or two is very satisfying and is not nearly the same as eating a full candy bar of milk chocolate.

Meat and Freezer

I do purchase some of my meat from Aldi, but most of my meat comes from a local butcher. They do have grass-fed beef and chicken without as many additives.

Read the labels and make your own decision as to what is or is not acceptable to your way of thinking.

In the freezer section, I use a few items, just because I prefer fresh when possible, and I am not buying prepackaged meals. They do have a basic assortment of standard vegetables without added sauces, and they do carry frozen berries year-round.

Download and Print the Aldi Keto Shopping List

Download and print out our Aldi Keto shopping list to plan your next grocery shopping trip. I start my grocery shopping at Aldi with this list, purchase what I can there, and then stop at one or two other places to pick up the odds and ends that they may not carry. A bit of extra work is worth it to me to see a smaller grocery bill. And for those who say multiple stops take too much time – because the store is smaller, I can be in and out much quicker, so my time spent isn’t much different.

Happy shopping, and I wish you the best on your Keto or low carb journey.

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